About Us

Founded in June 2012 in Winter Haven, Florida by Pastor Clayton Cowart, Poor & Minority Justice Association is a
civil rights origination made up of multicultural citizens from across the state.

In poor and minority communities across Polk County, Florida their has been a long history of profiling, harassment and abuse by police. We are an organization who seeks to attack inequality and injustice with the use of nonviolent direct action, in addition we campaign against police brutality, false charges and false arrest in poor and minority communities.

Polk County, Florida has been under a great deal of oppression. The separation of minority communities has allowed for several isolated incidents to go relatively unnoticed. The commonalities in attacks have brought residents of the poor and minority communities together to address these problems.

Our mission is to promote racial, social, and economic justice through litigation, education, and social services for poor and minority income persons least able to defend themselves. Poor & Minority Justice Association strives to foster equality, secure justice, ensure diversity, and strengthen poor and minority communities in Polk County, Florida.

We have arrived to the point, where our communities that once suffered under-toned discrimination, has now been exposed to the obvious and openly expressed lack of consideration for the youth in our poor and minority communities. Don’t wait until you or someone you know becomes a victim. Please stand with us, as we defend our right to have rights.

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